by Johann Kööp

                                                          by Johann Kööp

Photography for me started in 2005. Over the years I have tried out different mediums and subjects, which have gradually pushed me towards shooting people with old film cameras. Evolution in my photography has really been about eliminating all the unnecessary aspects in the frame. Making images with medium format film cameras have really supported my vision and ambitions over the last years. When the photographer uses a big and heavy film camera on a tripod everything increases in value, movements become more calculated, images become more pure, moments become more rememberable.

In a more commercial way I have been helping to grow and develop local audience and brand awareness for different companies such as Volkswagen and Biomarket through the use of relevant people and activities which support the brand vision and core values. 

I strive to be the best at what I do and thats why I like to connect with other creatives who are on the same path. The true value of photography for me is that I can reach and connect with inspiring people with who I have the chance to create something unique in that moment. I am here to serve other people by shining the light upon them.. I would like to inspire others to follow their dreams by following the same advice myself and by speaking my own truth more every day.

..the path to discovery, remembering and purpose. 





* Creative Member in Hooligan Hamlet ( 2015 - ) *

* Coventry University BA Photography ( 2013 - 2017 ) *

* Photographers Coordinator at Pöff Film Festival ( 2017 ) *

* Social Media + Marketing Assistant in adidas Estonia ( 2017 ) *


Environmental portrait and commercial photographer.

Representing the creative collective Hooligan Hamlet.  I  + 372 53 434 050

Based in Tallinn, Estonia