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Silver Mikiver

+ 372 53 434 050 

Coventry University BA Photography ( 2013 - 2017 )




I believe that relationships with people are crucial in life in order to progress and achieve what is needed. With that in mind it is even more important to work on ourselves to find balance and confidence to share in an effective way. My experience in commercial projects besides making images has been about making strategic plans, organising, communicating and leading the overall brand direction. Since most of my projects have the intention to promote a certain service or a product it has been a necessity to understand the companies challenges and the aspects they can improve. These experiences have build strong connections and successful collaborations with specialists in Tallinn and overseas. 

I have helped to grow local audience and develop brands image for brands such as Volkswagen, Universal Music and Nike through people who are best at what they do and situations which carry companies message and core values. Learning BA Photography in Coventry University ( 1st place for Visual Arts in UK ) for three years has enabled me to create professional visual material and also critically oversee and supervise whatever is better for the companies desired visual direction. 



Anton Hmelnitski  Digital Marketing Manager at GUILD & Cofounder of Angaar Instituut  5110400

Rainer Olbri  Founder of Hooligan Hamlet & Partner at Imagine Agency  56600217

Maiken Vuks Marketing Manager at MÖLLER AUTO VW 56488582

Gerda Merivee  Head of Marketing at Pöff Film Festival  56477661

Bill Valdre  Founder of Reval Home Real Estate  5178681

 Work Experience

Cofounder of ANGAAR INSTITUUT ( 2019 - )

Angaar Instituut is a multifunctional 305M2 creative space which promotes all forms of art.

Hosts workshops and gatherings to give back to the local community by sharing knowledge from the creative sector.

The purpose on the production side is to form a symbiosis between the artists in order to pioneer and create world class art.


Board Member in Hooligan Hamlet ( 2015 - )

Project lead for international projects with Volkswagen, adidas and Universal Music.

Regular meetings with the board members to build the brand of Hooligan Hamlet.

New branding and website for House of Vintage Frames shop & website.


Creative Collaborations & Marketing Campaigns ( 2012 - )

  • Tommy Cash, Martin Saar, Jüri Pootsmann, Mick Pedaja, Metsakutsu, Marta Laan, Zenja Fokin, Daniel Levi Viinalass, Liis Lemsalu, Tanel Veenre.

  • Official Photographer in Estonian Defence Forces 2016

  • House Of Vintage Frames

  • WatchWear Shop

  • PULSS Magazine

  • HILTON Tallinn

  • Rull Restoran

  • Volkswagen

  • BioMarket

  • Surfhouse

  • Reebok

  • adidas

  • KUMU

  • Guild

  • Volvo

  • PÖFF

  • H&M

  • Nike


Hard Skills

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe InDesign

Word & Excel

Website build


Soft Skills

Good network of people in Estonia who are best at what they do

Good understanding of different types of people

Good with time management

Problem Solving Mindset

Open - Minded




There are two types of people when starting something new; The ones who find more solutions and the ones who find more obstacles. I fall to the first category.

I enjoy music, movies, painting, travelling, healthy & active lifestyle, quality design and all forms of art.

I love to come up with creative ideas and to turn them into a desired form.

I love to get things done.