I have to say that when I started the freelance journey in early January this year I definitely didn’t have all the things figured out. I am not the most savvy person in business or handling with money either to '' easily pull it off ''. I do learn about it every day though through books and podcasts and have a decent self - discipline and work ethic. I feel like I don’t need money to buy the things I desire, instead I need to be clever by providing value through my actions in order to receive them, same goes for traveling. For me it is more of a fulfilling way of thinking and achieving. I love to problem solve and find solutions to my wishes and dreams. I am not sure where faith comes from but I do have it. Certainly synchronisations in life help to know that the chosen path is the right one. 777 still pops up in my life every day and with living on the 7th floor, having 7 items on the top of my shelf and celebrating my birthday on the 7th of April I can’t say it isn't supporting. Smart people say when a person finds a interest and develops a passion around it, following that path will have the least resistance, because it comes naturally from an individual core frequency. By jamming the door with wrong keys will make your way in a lot harder than it can be..

I can say that the first 6 months as a freelance photographer in Tallinn, Estonia have been relatively manageable with no big problems. Solutions and abundance have come when needed whether through money, opportunities or job offers. I am very grateful for that. Although there have definitely been moments when I don’t know how I will pay my next months rent. This is exactly the moment when a person has to believe and be the best he or she can be in the moment doing whatever with whomever. It is crazy to think it has already been 6 moths that I have been working for myself. I like to think that everything I work on will benefit my future and the people around me. Working out regularly, having a healthy lifestyle, meditating, visualising, meeting new people, spending time in nature and enjoying different forms of art will all enhance how I see the world and how I create and express myself. All of those different activities feed one vision and move me in a focused direction. 

Photography is a people business. One of the biggest differences I can see is being grateful for this lifestyle and the ability to grow and express myself. It is truly something I have desired for the past 5 years at least. I have more energy, which translates to how I interact with other people. I am more of a joyful person, with a optimistic mindset towards the future and my actions. Expanding on that, while being a freelance photographer I spend a lot of time on my own. I work with other people on a project basis but most of my days are spent alone, thinking and progressing my craft. It can get lonely for some people but being alone for me is fine since it charges my batteries. With removing myself from the 9 - 5 regime, work becomes more flexible and for me LIFE quite frankly. I don't believe that we can have a solid work & life balance. I wouldn't separate the two. I would much rather work on something for my whole life, which is interesting to me and feeds my soul. I think we can achieve much more through that and leave a bigger impact. I will love prioritising my life and work that way for the years to come by creating more opportunities for myself and my friends through conscious decisions. For me at least it is not about how much money I make, I believe I will achieve all my material wishes, the key is about being consistently grateful and filled with joy. We can do that only by following our heart and building ourselves through our deepest passions. Feeling happy is all about having the right brain chemistry, which I desire to achieve by doing the things mentioned above routinely. 

We have to go fishing in order to catch some. The more we go, the bigger the fish.