I have always been a big dreamer and somebody who believed deep down that I will be successful. From a young age I have had this self - belief and have known that it is just a matter of time when it happens. By successful I mean - financial freedom, living though the heart, having inspiring and fulfilling circle of friends and relationships. This light at the end of the tunnel has given me an optimistic mindset on how I approach situations and thoughts which come my way. I am very interested in exploring my potential and how far can we all go collectively in achieving our dreams. Potential is a big word and to make it more manageable for myself I have constructed it down to scale. Let me explain. Almost all of the projects I have done in the previous five years have had a very similar strategy. I reach out ( or they ) to a brand or a person to make the connection sharing my inspiration why I would like to collaborate. After the first project I always think about the next one if possible and how to make it bigger in any way while benefiting both sides. Maybe it is natural to everyone, anyway for me this thought pattern definitely applies.

Let’s take Tallinn, Estonia as an example to explain this further. Living and working in a city with 425K people, most of the brands have a small section of their business in our region compared to the international scale. It comes naturally to me while working with the Estonian branch for example to simultaneously think about how I could approach the head representatives of the same organisation in the Baltic region. But to get attention from the Baltic representatives we first have to do amazing work for the local market of course.. I am still at the beginning of this '' exploring my potential '' journey and that is completely fine.

I am striving towards having a business partner in every category - food, transport, travel, equipment, fashion.

Providing value through brand development, marketing and visual communication.


Let's discuss transport for a minute. The spring of 2018 I did a project with five people about their most meaningful location in Estonia. The idea was to go there, talk about what makes it so special and to take images while spending time on that sacred ground. Since locations varied from all over the country I needed some sort of transportation. One option was to use the rental service, second idea was to put together a document which stated my project and the ways I can provide value to a cars dealership. I chose the second one. I created a separate page on my website stating all the valuable points I could come up. My goal was to get a car with fuel for a month to cover all the driving aspect for this project while creating visual material for the car brand. Once I felt confident about what I had put together I started to send it to different brands. I got many answers saying '' We are not interested '' but I kept fine tuning the project and stayed persistent. I knew that there was somebody who would be interested. I just needed to find that person. After countless failed attempts I was pretty much ready to quit with this concept when a person close to me said: '' Just try one more time ''. After that last effort I managed to book three meetings with respectable car brands which made me feeling nervous and excited! Before going in to the last meeting I had one '' Yes '' in the bag so I felt more confident. I managed to get a deal with Volvo and I was stoked. I remember feeling great about the achievement and gratitude for having this opportunity. Around the end of the collaboration while driving with the car I imagined how to make this partnership continue and make it bigger and more impactful for both. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to continue but that didn’t pause me. At this point I had decent visual material to back up my new thoughts and promises to do things on a bigger scale. Like previously I put together a separate page to showcase my ideas but this time it was about creating visual content directly for the brand. Volkswagen got back to me and accepted the offer which was a big step up from the previous project. As the stakes get bigger so do the emotions which come with it. I remember visualising this Volkswagen deal coming through while laying down on the carpet. Once it finally did I felt this huge wave of energy coming into my body and feeling tremendous joy for this great step ahead... At the moment of writing this we are in contact with people in Riga, Latvia who are responsible for the Baltic marketing distribution. The project is under way at the moment and it only fuels my ambition..

I wanted to write about this topic for a long time because I have struggled with this quite a lot. The subtle art of asking. There are times when an artist has to reach out and create opportunities to sustain. I have had to do it many times for myself. Also it is extremely satisfying to execute an idea they way you imagined. Besides growing and building my portfolio this feeling of creating your own way is definitely something which is addictive and brings me back to play. Thats why I create. To breathe life into my ideas and perspectives.

Here in the end I want to say that whatever limitations you face or create for yourself, there is always a way to make things happen when you stay persistent and improve what is not working. I am certainly not perfect and have to remind myself of this. I just want to share love and more bravery to go after whatever you want.

I believe that each and every one of us deserves the best in life. And we shouldn’t fear to reach for it.