by Adele-Kristelle Lehtorg

by Adele-Kristelle Lehtorg

Photography started for me in 2005. Over the years I have tried out many different mediums and subjects. This journey has developed a sense of minimal and symmetrical values which I translate into visual form. The goal is to eliminate all the unnecessary aspects in the image and understanding what is the most necessary. I am obsessed about making compositions where the subject is supported by all the elements in the scene. I feel great joy when all visual aspects come together and form a symbiosis.

These experiences have build strong connections and successful collaborations with specialists and known people in Tallinn and overseas. 

I have helped to grow and develop brand image for Volkswagen, Universal Music Group and Nike through people who are best at what they do and situations which carry companies message and core values. Learning BA Photography in Coventry University ( 1st place for Visual Arts in UK ) plus ten years on my own has enabled me to create professional visual material and also critically oversee and supervise whatever is better for the companies desired visual direction. 


* Cofounder of ANGAAR INSTITUTE ( 2019 - ) *

* Coventry University BA Photography ( 2013 - 2017 ) *

* Creative Member & Photographer in Hooligan Hamlet ( 2015 - ) *


Environmental portrait and commercial photographer. Branding Specialist.  I  + 372 53 434 050

Based in Tallinn, Estonia


⋆ I am grateful to everyone who has supported the journey ⋆