Dr.Martens x III Stories 

We feel inspired by Dr.Martens and the perspectives you represent.

We desire to create images with medium format film which will last and hold a timeless value.

We want to engage and bring the audience along to some of the most unique places in Estonia while focusing on Dr.Martens principles.


 Lovers and the two founders of GUILD Sten & Joan.

Lovers and the two founders of GUILD Sten & Joan.




Brought to life in 2012, it is now become one of the most distinctive brands in the Baltic region with strong roots and heritage surrounding it in every process. 

Merging art with crafts, the ambition of guild is excellence together with ethical innovation – contemporary yet timeless apparel made of natural materials and in a truly harmonious environment. All is created under one roof in guild’s hometown Tallinn, just like in bygone times when artisans joined under guilds with an oath to give their best in everything they do. Combining the synergy of both brands aesthetic values to create visually engaging, simulating material with the purpose of pushing the craft of fashion forward.





 Tommy Cash remake of Salvador Dali.

Tommy Cash remake of Salvador Dali.



Tommy Cash is an Estonian musician and a conceptual artist with a Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh descent. He identifies himself as first and foremost an Estonian, then East European in his soul, and as a Scandinavian in his CV.

He is by far the most unique and viral artist from Tallinn, Estonia. His artistic expression has build a strong brand and cult following to his projects and out of the box ideas. Whether he is doing a Rick Owens runaway, a wild show, dropping a new music video or making images for his Instagram page, people have eyes on him. Working with Tommy will show aspects of Dr.Martens in new engaging angles while keeping the timeless heritage present.

Tommy's IG / Tommy's Youtube





 Leslie Laasner car collection.

Leslie Laasner car collection.



Leslie Laasner is a founder of Utopia Agency, songwriter, art director and a vintage car and motorcycle enthusiast.

With the mindset of turning ideas inside out and realising his dreams fearlessly, he has managed to surround himself with vintage Alfa Romeos and Ducati bikes. All of this heritage surrounding his motoring interests through mechanical craftsmanship makes his lifestyle attractive and fresh in this non - analog world. Using Dr.Martens in both vintage car and motorcycle setting will create a nice blend in values and will support the lifestyle aspect of the brand.

Leslie Laasner IG / Utopia Agency






· Three diverse productions combining fashion, artistic personality and lifestyle - aspects which share same core values as Dr.Martens. - timeless design, durability, craftsmanship.

· The project will be published in one of the biggest street culture magazines in the region Hooligan Hamlet and on its social platforms.

· 10 - 15 high resolution images from each shoot will be delivered via Dropbox in 5 days time after the final production day.

· We will manage all the communication and logistics needed between the models and concepts in this project.

· The locations will vary from a vintage Villa , industrially infused nature to rocky cliffs by the sea.

· Medium format film cameras will provide a unique visual aesthetic - www.silvermikiver.com


Photography + Project Manager Silver Mikiver

· People involved can select seven pairs of Dr.Martens boots in total for the project.

· Production costs ( production car rental , post - processing , film cost , scouting , communication , assistant ) = 1700€

· Production & Communication ( Three separate production days in diverse locations with the people mentioned above ) = 2200€

Videography Felix Laasme

· Three 30 - 60 sec behind the scenes videos.

· Focusing on the people and the aspects present in the location.

· Production ( filming , post - processing , gear rental , assistant ) = 2000€

VAT % = 0€

TOTAL: 5900€ + 7 pairs of Dr.Martens