* images on this page were taken with the phone camera.

* images on this page were taken with the phone camera.

Volvo XC40 

These images come from a collaboration done with Volvo, where I connected well known                people with the brand such as: Liis Lemsalu, Zenja Fokin, Jüri PootsmannMarta Laan and                Marleen Muhuste.

I used the car on my personal project '' Paik, mis räägib loo '' ( The Place Which Tells a Story )                    while I drove all around the country creating visual material for Volvo during their campaign                    period for their new model XC40. The material we created helped Volvo to engage more with              the local audience and target group for this vehicle. 

This project was done during March when it was still quite cold which definitely played a role for          the people involved. Since we are talking about July - September timeframe which is pleasing for          all kinds of shootings, people will feel more comfortable and images will open up with the subjects.   With that comes more enjoyment and positivity, meaning great moments for image making. 

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