July 2019

Illustrative image from a work for MOSCHINO.

Illustrative image from a work for MOSCHINO.


Through 6 authentic natural everyday situations we will focus on the details and purpose of the glasses. With the purpose of showing how easy is to have them with you all the time and how successful replacement they really are. This will be done through capturing the details and the way the classes are designed to wear in everyday situations. Besides that we will focus on the multiple ways you can store and wear the glasses with the chain etc. This will be done with the help of two 40+ models. One male and one female.

Studio environment will be used to capture glasses in a professional and informative way focusing on the most pleasing and beautiful angles. The symbiosis of the imago and product visuals will create a strong visual language for the product and brand values.


20 - 25 images delivered to you by July 17th both in JPG and TIFF format.

Usage of medium format cameras to have the best possible quality.

All the rights to use the images in either web or print format.

Everybody on the team is the best at what they do.

Brand Imago Creation

Realising brand values to visual form & Project lead - 2100€

Post - processing and formatting (6 hours) - 400€

Studio rental (Studio7) - 90€

Production Assistant - 150€

Location scout - 200€

Model scout - 250€

MUAH - 300€

Styling - 500€


Total: 3990€

Silver Mikiver + 372 53434050