Silver Mikiver

+ 372 53 434 050


Coventry University BA Photography (2013 - 2017)





Rainer Olbri  Head of Hooligan Hamlet & Graphic Designer at Imagine   56600217

Kris Süld Member of Viljandi City Council & Head of VLND   534345232

Triin Kullerkupp  Former Marketing Manager at adidas Estonia   5226678   

Gerda Merivee  Head of Marketing at Pöff Film Festival   56477661

Anton Hmelnitski  Head of Digital Marketing at LeapIN   510400

Marilin Tammsaar River Island Brand Manager   53683034 


Work Experience

Social Media Manager + Marketing Assistant in adidas Estonia ( 2017 )

Regular meetings with adidas athletes and lifestyle assets to manage their contracts with the company and to make sure they are satisfied. 

Produced both visual and textual material with local athletes and lifestyle assets.

Made strategic social plans upfront for different campaigns and activations. 


Photography Coordinator at Pöff Film Festival ( 2017 )

Over 250 events which needed to be photographed over the course of two weeks.

I managed a team of 12 international photographers who captured the whole event

Fast pace and last minute changes needed a quick and responsive problem solving. 


Creative Member in Hooligan Hamlet ( 2015 - )

Assisted HH collaborations with IM Arvutid, Sony, Mogul, Nike and Universal Music.

Produced and organised the Jüri Pootsmann '' Täna '' album shoot.

Rebranding + new website for the House of Vintage Frames


Artistic Collaborations ( 2014 - 2018 ) 

  • Tommy Cash, Martin Saar, Jüri Pootsmann, Mick Pedaja, AROP, JoneBlanc, Metsakutsu, Hugo Martin Maasikas, Marta Laan, Zenja Fokin, Katrin Aasmaa, Liis Lemsalu
  • Official Photographer in Estonian Defence Forces 2016
  • House Of Vintage Frames
  • WatchWear Shop
  • HILTON Tallinn
  • Surfhouse
  • Reebok
  • adidas 
  • Guild
  • Volvo
  • Nike


Hard Skills

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Mac & Windows

Adobe InDesign

Word & Excel



    Soft Skills

    Good network of people in Tallinn who are best at what they do

    Good understanding of extraverts and introverts

    Time management

    Open - Minded

    Problem Solving





    I also love to snowboard, longboard and do workouts with my bodyweight. I enjoy music, movies, quality design and different forms of art. 

    I would love to hear from you. With regards, Silver